Happy holiday, horrible holiday?

A lovely little break in Rome recently reminded us here at Moneysucks? that there’s often not a lot of difference between the happy holiday and the horrible holiday. Or that the same holiday can contain elements of both.

For example we had a great time in Rome but were dismayed to find that the zip on a brand new suitcase had broken off when we arrived back in the UK, meaning that it will never lock again! While the guy at the airport was great and gave us a case number and claim details I spent a really frustrating morning when I got home trying to fill in the Airline’s Claim Form on-line. I did everything they asked me to do and completed all of the ‘essential’ boxes, but it still wouldn’t send. So I had to email their customer service office instead. Finally got it all sorted but the process took much longer than it should have done!

On the ‘happy’ front by contrast I decided to buy a new coat and had a great time haggling with the shop. We managed to get a good discount and they altered it for me free in a couple of hours so that I could have it in time for leaving. Great service!

And how about the different ways that continental cafes and restaurants treat you, and charge you? How much more does it cost you for your coffee when you sit outside and have the waiter serve you as opposed to going up to the bar and ordering yourself?

And what about the basket of bread and bottle of water placed in front of you as soon as you sit down. You only realise they weren’t a gift and have actually cost you 6 Euros when the bill arrives an hour or so later! Just as well 6 Euros this year costs less than 6 Euros last year!

And service – how much should you add to the bill and how do you check it hasn’t already been added?

So we’re inviting you to let us know what you’ve done over the years to ensure that you have a great break, and also to tell us the things that really get up your nose when you’re on holiday! As usual you can add a comment at the bottom of this page of go to the contact page

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