Sixty Second Tips 6 -Section 75

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act is a fantastic piece of legislation, as well as the main reason that you need to use your credit card if you’re buying goods or services that cost more than £100 and less than £30,000.

Here are sixty seconds on why you need to understand Section 75 rules.

3 Thoughts to “Sixty Second Tips 6 -Section 75”

  1. Steve clark

    Hi Fergus,
    Is that pay your credit card bill in full or just the minimum monthly payment required

    1. Fergus Muirhead

      Just the minimum payment Steve. As long as your payments are up to date. Just making the point that you don’t want the card company to wriggle out of dealing with you because they tell you that you are behind with your payments and therefore you have broken your contract with them.

  2. Gerard Marshall

    Hi I was invited to invest in properties in US through a now liquidated uk company and paid total £60K the first installment by credit card. I made to subsequent payments of £26.5K and £20K along with property taxes. The first property now is foreclosed. The second property ws never realised. Am I able to claim through section 75a as well as section 75 consumer credit act?


    Gerard Msrshall

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