Moneysucks? For Musicians

Moneysucks? was created by Fergus Muirhead to dispel the myths surrounding money, and to show that with a bit of help you can take control of your money and make it work for you rather than against you!

Musicians can have a particularly fraught relationship with their money due to uncertain and unpredictable earning patterns and the fact that it subsequently becomes difficult to budget, borrow and spend.

Moneysucks? for Musicians will explore some of these difficult areas using the real experiences of real musicians and will build into a useful guide to help musicians, and lots of other people, manage their money more effectively. Scottish Harpist Rachel Hair is writing a series of money diaries where she asks questions about the day to day situations she faces as a working musician.

How should she deal with the taxman and what is the best way to chase outstanding fees? How can she borrow the money she needs to buy a new harp or a house? What’s the best insurance to protect her instruments and her income?

Moneysucks? team of experts then answers these questions providing Rachel with a really useful guide.

There is an opportunity for anyone to ask questions of Rachel and Moneysucks? team of experts, either here on the site or on our Twitter page at @money_sucks.

Also on the site you will find a wealth of information to help everyone understand money issues, as well as the rights you have as a consumer and what you should do if things go wrong with goods and services that you buy.

And it’s all written in an informative, informal, and easy-to-understand way!


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