Does good customer service still exist?

Just noticed this post on a friend’s Facebook page.

“Went into car phone warehouse in Buchanan galleries with my mobile. I was looking for some professional help or advice. The young man told me my screen was not responsive and the phone is done “Your options are £150 for a new screen or a new mobile” he told me. I said “really” and walked out and took myself up to the EE shop on Sauchiehall Street. I handed my phone over to the lad who looked at it, told me the screen was frozen, looked at my phone and fixed it in two minutes.

Second complaint. I was having a problem with a lens on my camera so I took it into Jessop’s on Sauchiehall Street. I was directed to the Nikon expert who looked over the lens and said the aperture on the lens is fecked and you need to get a new lens Now the lens was just a few months old and I had paid good money for it Some kind person had advised me to get a second opinion and take it to A J Johnstone It turned out that the lens was in perfect condition.

Have I got mug written all over my face, or is this just normal modern retail?”

For the record Alister Sinclair, the Facebook friend concerned, is no mug and I’m sure he gave as good as he got. But is his experience a sign of the times, as the artist known as Prince might have said.

What’s your experience of shop staff these days?

Do they tell you anything to get a quick sale?

Or is it because they don’t know any better?

Do you find it a hassle when you take faulty goods back to the shop?

And does in put you of doing so?

Let us know what you think.

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3 Thoughts to “Does good customer service still exist?”

  1. I would say that this is par for the course. I work with companies wanting to differentiate through great service and the bar isn’t that high. How about starting with “Gives a s^&*” as the first rung on the service ladder and already you are almost home and dry. The EE and the AJ Johnstone folk deserve a round of applause.

  2. Lesley Brown

    A friend called -very distraught- to tell me that the transmission on her truck was going out. She had gone to three different mechanics (including the dealership) who all told her that the transmission was going out and needed to be replaced and quoted her between 1,500-1,800 USD to replace. I told her to call my mechanic even though he isn’t really close to her.

    She called the mechanic and described the problem to him over the phone to ask for an appointment. He asked her if there was car supply store nearby and instructed her to go buy a bottle of transmission fluid and call him back. When she did he instructed her how to top off the fluid, then take the car for a test drive. PROBLEM SOLVED. He told her that her transmission was just fine the fluid was just a little low. When she asked him what she owed him, he said “it was just a phone call!” and hung up…..

    And that’s why I’ve been taking my cars to him for over 15 years…..

  3. iain

    Just been into my local optician-For Eyes, Bonnybridge. Id lost the protector from one of the legs on my glasses. The assistant didn’t have a spare in stock so ordered up a replacement frame and switched over the lenses. No fuss, no charge and all done with a smile. Cant ask for better than that 🙂

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