Five tips in 150 words. Child’s play.

Someone asked me recently if I could give them five money tips for a piece they were writing. They had to be simple and it had to be less than 150 words. Here you go:

1. Make a budget. You can’t manage your money without one. Keep an accurate list of all of the money you spend for at least a month. And be honest with yourself. Count everything.

2. Go over all of your spending to see where you can make savings. That’s not the same as stopping spending. It’s about using your money more efficiently.

3. Set up a direct debit to transfer money to a savings account at the end of every month to help build up an emergency fund. Use an ISA to save on tax.

4. If you are in debt don’t pay the creditor who shouts the loudest. Pay the creditor who can do you the most damage if you get into really bad arrears.

5. Take control of your money. Get involved with the way you spend it and save it. Don’t let it control you.

There you go.

Five tips in 150 words.

They will make a difference.

It’s your money.

Make it work for you!

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