Do you understand your consumer rights?

Have any of you had any experiences, positive or negative, with the new Consumer Rights Act? Has it made it easier or more difficult to find a solution if you take faulty goods back to a retailer? Do you understand the changes? And do you think that retailers you have dealt with understand the changes?

And what about digital content? Have you had any experience of dealing with problems with downloads or other digital content that is now covered by the Consumer Rights Act?

The Consumer Rights Act replaced the Sale of Goods Act in October last year and the idea was that it made it much clearer for consumers to understand their rights, and for retailers to be able to deal with consumer problems.

We want to make sure it’s working. So we’re looking for some Moneysucks readers to talk to us about any problems they have faced when returning faulty goods, or items that don’t suit.

If you think you can help then please drop us a line at or reply with a message on this post.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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One Thought to “Do you understand your consumer rights?”

  1. Sotiris

    Well, even after the consumer rights act a number of companies are still impervious to the law. I bought a defective device from day one and the retailer SIMPLY REFUSES TO REPLACE IT AND KEEPS SENDING ME TO THE MANUFACTURER. The excuse is that they do not collaborate any longer with the manufacturer and asked me to speak directly to the manufacturer. Obviously, I do not have the time and money to raise the matter with the consumers union…

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