Travel safe this summer

It’s hard to believe that it’s still snowing all over the UK the week before Easter. But it is!

Easter weekend is the time that many of us traditionally start to book our summer holidays. Over the next month or so many of us will be online looking for a sun-soaked bargain abroad. Or perhaps this year we’ll go somewhere in the UK in the hope that there might be more sun here this year than in France or Spain or Greece.

Don’t forget that once you book and pay for your holiday you need to make sure that you organise your travel insurance.

And if you have already booked your holiday but haven’t arranged your travel insurance yet then please go and do it as soon as you have finished reading this. The reason for this request is simple, and it really will be in your interest to act on this sooner rather than later.

If you have to cancel your holiday because of accident or illness and you haven’t arranged your travel insurance then you’ll lose all of your money. That’s why you should always do them both at the same time. Book your holiday and buy travel insurance. Don’t do one without the other.

And make sure that you buy a policy that is right for you. Don’t just buy the policy that the travel agent recommends and don’t just go online to a comparison website and buy the cheapest policy you can find.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Cheap is not the same as good value. There are lots of travel policies out there that cost very little, but they will pay you back very little if you have to make a claim. Perhaps because the excess is so big that you don’t bother claiming, or because the maximum amount that you can claim for any one item is small in comparison to the value of that item or, worst of all, the item lost damaged or stolen is not covered by the policy at all and you didn’t realise that because you didn’t check the policy wording when you bought the policy.

Make sure that the policy you buy covers the things you need it to cover. If you take expensive cameras on holiday, for example, then makes sure your travel insurance covers loss and accidental damage as well as theft.

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