Stop the TalkTalk, give us some TruthTruth

TalkTalk’s adverts are fascinating, and frustrating. They tell us it is introducing one of Britain’s lowest priced TV, broadband and calls package. Lots of different monthly payment options depending on the package you opt for, but the one constant is “plus £15.95 line rental” So that’s not £3.50 a month, or £4.25 a month or £9.25 a month. It’s all these numbers PLUS £15.95 a month for the line rental.

Online it’s even more ridiculous. The smaller cost is in huge numbers while underneath it in teeny weeny writing it says “+£15.95 for line rental.”

Not even ‘you may have to pay £15.95 for line rental’ but ‘plus £15.95 for line rental.

So it’s not £.3.50 a month at all. or whatever the other headline figure is. I know I’m labouring a point here now but it’s verging on an untruth to tell customers that they can have something for one price when the reality is that they will have to pay a different price.

Everywhere in the advert that there is a really ‘cheap’ headline rate quoted there is also the line underneath about the extra cost of the line rental

Now it may be the case that someone somewhere can actually pay £3.50 for their essentials package and not need the line rental but nowhere on the page I’m looking at or the advert I heard does it say that it’s possible.

Why not just tell it like it is? If the total monthly cost has to include the line rental because you can use the stuff without renting a line from them, tell us that!

Maybe it’s time for a bit more TruthTruth and a lot less TalkTalk?

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