Stay safe from the scammers

Just had an interesting phone call. Went something like this:

“Hello, my name is Ryan and I’m calling from BT. We’ve noticed that someone is connected to your computer and your broadband and is using it for illegal purposes.”

“Oh really, how did that happen?”

“We’re not sure, but what we want to do is make some adjustments to your machine and that will solve the problem.”

“Oh really, what would you like to do?”

“Well we would like to reconfigure your IP address since that is obviously how they gained access to your broadband connection.”

“Well I’m really busy at the moment so can I call you back in a few minutes and you can sort it for me then?”

“Yes, thats no problem.”

“Good, what’s your name and number?”

“It’s Ryan Fernandez and my number is 0203 *** ****.”

Needless to say my next call wasn’t to Ryan it was to BT to let them know what was happening in their name.

I could hear lots of other conversations going on in the background, even one of them following the same script.

I know that BT have recently launched a new service in Scotland to help people avoid nuisance calls selling PPI and personal accident claims but this type of thing is even worse. If you give them what they want then these scammers could have access to everything that is on your computer.

Do what I did. Tell them nothing and report it straight away.

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