State Pension. Where do we go from here?

What’s your take on the recent news that the State Pension is going to increase to 68? Do you think even 68 is optimistic and that the reality is that sooner rather than later we could be looking at a State Pension age of 70?

And what does that mean for today’s students, about to leave college and university. At what age will they realistically be looking to receive a State pension? 75? Maybe even 80? Will there be a State Pension by then?

Do you think it’s unfair to continually raise the age at which we qualify for a pension from the State, or do you think that we don’t have the money that we would need to pay a state pension at 65, or even earlier?

And if you want a pension to be paid earlier, how much extra in tax would you pay while you are working to protect the age at which you receive your pension?

Would you be wiling to pay more tax to ensure that the triple lock, the mechanism that guarantees the rate at which pension are increased year-on-year, is kept in place?

To widen the debate out even further, do you even think that there should be a State Pension in future given the fact that we are all living longer and looking to retire earlier?

Do you belong to the group that believes taxes should be reduced to let people make their own decisions about retirement, and that the State should have no part to play in the income that you receive when you stop work.

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One Thought to “State Pension. Where do we go from here?”

  1. Angus MacCuish

    I believe we should all make our own provision as regards pension. Live within your means.

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