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We noticed a flashing light the other day on the front of our new tumble dryer. It flashes to tell you the filter needs cleaned but wouldn’t go off after the filter had been cleaned, and then came on and stayed on.

I got my manual out and in the absence of any helpful information I called the Samsung helpline. I was told to unplug it for fifteen minutes (the dryer not the manual) to ‘reset the machine’ and that should do the trick, even though I explained that I had switched it off the night before while cleaning it.

I was told again that I wasn’t only to switch it off. I had to make sure I pulled the plug out of the wall.

I’ve never understood the difference between switching something off and actually taking the plug out the wall, happy if any budding electricians can explain!

I was then told that the light was on because of a ‘usage fault’ and when I asked what that meant I was told that it was a ‘fault because of usage’. Well that clears that one up then.

That didn’t work so I called the technical helpline again. I gave the girl I spoke to my name, as well as the account number I was given during the first phone call.

Then I was asked for my mobile phone number, my landline number, my full address including my postcode and my email address before she would give me any technical help. I was told it was all to make sure I passed their ‘security checks’.

There was a light flashing on the front of my tumble dryer, I wasn’t buying a house, borrowing a million quid or trying to log into GCHQ so what security checks did I have to pass?

And all this before agreeing a date in my diary that their engineer was able to come to look at said flashing…….

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