Rachel’s new album

Harpist Rachel Hair has been a great friend to Moneysucks over the years. She has written a regular diary for us, detailing the financial difficulties she faces as a professional musician, and allowing our panel of experts to help her out with some great tips and advice. Have a look at her latest blog, Rachel’s Tax Dilemma, to see how musicians need to deal with the taxman when travelling overseas to perform.

Rachel is just about to start recording her new album, on her own label, and has decided to blog about the process. It’s not just, as she says, ‘as easy as just going into the studio and just blasting out some tunes on el harpo’ and her blog is a must read for all musicians.

Rachel is looking to cover all aspects of the recording process, not just the money and where to find it, or earn it if you’re using your own. It’s a must for all musicians trying to figure out how to get their own recordings started.

And for Rachel it’s a journey into the unknown as she works out how to add sounds and pictures into a page of text, or as she says ‘I’ll hopefully work out how to post photos, some photos an maaaaaybe even some sneaky new sounds’. And to do it all with no spelling or grammar mistakes since as she freely admits ‘English was never my strong point at school!’

Catch the first page of it here,

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