It’s only an advert but…

There are some really dubious adverts on TV in the afternoons, and after a while they all kind of merge into one big long turgid televisual treat about how you can sue someone who made you break your leg as you fell out of your car at 100 miles an hour while you were filling in an application for life assurance to pay for a really nice funeral with lovely flowers and a fabulous headstone, to make sure that your loved ones have enough after you’re gone to invest in a dubious pyramid scheme* and then when it goes wrong to sue someone else and have to borrow more at 1500% APR** to pay all of the claims managements experts/ lawyers/ consultants who you have appointed to help you sort out the mess on a no-win no-fee basis*** because you call a loan company and arrange it all during a 10 minute phone consultation after which the money will all be deposited in your bank account without you even having to get up off the sofa that you’ve just ordered interest-free and on-line from DFS.

*The value of these investments can fall as well as plummet.
**Representative APR. Your loan might cost a f**k of a lot more.
***No-win no-fee still allows us to deduct our expenses and other associated costs before we give you anything.

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