Buying a house doesn’t have to be stressful.

Buying a new house is a big commitment. It is also very time consuming.

And stressful.

So it’s important to make sure that you plan every stage of your proposed move well in advance – everything from making sure you have a big enough deposit to allow you to buy the house you really want to making sure that you remember to tell the Post Office to re-direct your mail to your new house from the date of your move.

So in this post we’ll look at the things you need to do in the months leading up to the move to keep the stress levels and arguments to a minimum.

It’s really important do things in the right order. If you have a house to sell then get it on the market. Decide whether you need to sell before you can buy or if you have enough money to pay for your new house while you still have a mortgage on your existing property.

Speak to your bank or to a mortgage broker before you start looking for a house. Work out how much you can borrow, and the deposit you will need, and that you have enough to cover the various fees you will have to pay.

Get yourself a good solicitor. Your mortgage broker or bank may be able to point you in the right direction, or you can speak to family and friends and ask for a recommendation.

Give a bit of thought to where you want to live. Drive past at different times of the day, and night. Check out the schools and shops, restaurants and bars. How will the commute to work, and your family’s commute to school, college or university be affected if you move? Where is the nearest train station and how regular is the service?

And here’s an important question, and one that we don’t always ask. It’s actually the one you really need to start with. Do you really need to move? If you’re thinking of buying your first home is it the right time to do so? If you’re moving then are there things you could do to your current home to create more space or a better environment without moving? All important questions that shouldn’t be ignored.

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