Don’t treat us like kids and we won’t ……..

Customer service isn’t what it should be. Many companies have a huge amount of work to do to ensure that their customers, people that they have often fought hard to do business with in the first place, are treated politely and fairly at all times, and in all communications that they share with them.

And it is the ‘communication’ word that is important here. Whether by phone, in person, by email, or by letter the standard of communication that companies enjoy with their customers is sadly lacking these days.

Here’s one example. I was on a flight last week, I won’t embarrass the airline by naming them here but their name is a three-letter word for fast plane followed by a small number.

When we landed and the seat belt signs went out we all stood up to get our luggage out of the overhead compartments. We were told by one of the cabin crew, in a very school-teachery sort of way, that no-one had told us to stand up and that we should all get back into our seats and stay there until we were told otherwise.

It turned out that the reason we all had to sit down again was that we were leaving the plane from the rear doors and the cabin crew needed to get down there to make sure that all of the passengers got off safely. So the crew wanted to get from the front of the plane to the back and could only do it if the passage was clear.

Why didn’t they just tell us that before we landed? We would all have sat there nicely and not moved until the cabin crew got to where they needed to be.

Maybe a simplistic example but an important one that shows that if companies treat their customers like kids there is more chance of us behaving like kids!

And don’t tell anyone but I switched my phone on and checked some messages before we left the plane!


Do you have any recent examples of good customer service that you can share?

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