Check the small print when you’re ordering from home

One of the changes that being stuck at home has meant for most of us is that we’re doing much more shopping online. While that continues it’s important to remember that the rights that you have when you buy goods online are not the same as the rights you enjoy when you shop on the High St.

When you’re shopping online the seller has to provide you with full information about the goods that you are buying, including a full description of the goods, the price you are agreeing to pay, and any delivery charges that you will be liable for. You also have to be told about your cancellation rights should you decide to send the goods back for whatever reason.

And it’s important for the seller to confirm who is responsible for the cost or returning any goods if you do decide to cancel your order.

The seller has to give you all of the information above in a clear and concise manner and they should also provide you with their address if they are asking you to pay in advance.

You have fourteen days for the date that you receive your order to let the retailer know that you want to cancel that order, and a further 14 days to actually return the goods although, as mentioned already, it may be that you will have to pay some or all of the costs of a return.

You need to make sure that you read the retailer’s terms and conditions with regard to returns very carefully since although a retailer can’t refuse to take your goods back within the approved timescale, you need to make sure that you understand the process that the retailer follows to make things easy for you.

And remember that the right to return goods doesn’t apply to everything. You won’t be able to return goods that were made specially for you, or that are perishable, like flowers, or certain computer software where the seal has been broken. Some items of clothing, particularly underwear, might not be returnable where the packaging has been opened.

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