When is ‘free’ not the same as ‘costs nothing’?

If you’re easily tempted by the ’30-day free’ offers that scream at us from web pages and apps these days then take what follows as a warning. Newspaper, magazine and gym memberships are all being heavily advertised at the moment and it always feels good when we think we’re getting something for nothing. But if you do take advantage of…

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The Tax Clock is Ticking

We’re now well into October and you only have a matter of weeks left if you are one of the 3 million or so taxpayers who still file a paper tax return each year. October 31st is the deadline for paper eturns to be received by HMRC. Note I said received by, not sent to. There is a difference!

And it is a difference that could cost you a £100 fine! That’s the automatic penalty you will be hit with if HMRC ask you to complete a Tax Return and you don’t comply.

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