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Fergus will be back on the John Beattie Show on BBC Radio Scotland on Wednesday just after the 1pm news with some great tips to help organise your money and understand your consumer rights. This week he'll be looking at the best way to spring clean your finances at the beginning of a new tax year. Catch up on previous shows here

Moneysucks for musicians

Have a look at the first part of our new series on how musicians can best maximise and protect their income from their own words and music.

Fergus talks pension changes

We continue our new series featuring Fergus Muirhead’s money and consumer conversations on The John Beattie Show on BBC Redio Scotland.

In this episode Fergus and John talk about the new pension changes that come into effect last month, sand Fergus answers listeners’ texts about pensiion issues that concern them, particularly contracting out.


3 Responses to Fergus talks pension changes

  • Raymond Groves says:

    HI Fergus,could you clarify something for me.I have 2 pensions with Standard Life, 1that i still contribute to,the other i have from previous employer which i transferred to SL. If I want to take 25% tax free is that 25% of my total pension pot.

  • Barn says:

    Hi Fergus,

    Can you please advise on best course of action:
    I paid in to a Local Govt pension in Scotland from 2006 to 2014 then left with preserved benefits only to then commence a post with the same council in 2017 and recently moved to a different council.

    Should I transfer all of my pot to my new current local authority pension?

    Much appreciated.



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It looks as if the Financial conduct Authority might be about to take action to help so-called 'mortgage prisoners', borrowers who have loans with companies that are no longer trading.

60 Second Tips

In a brand new series listen to and watch Fergus Muirhead here as he explains common money and consumer issues in less than one minute.
This series will build up over the next few months into a valuable library of money and consumer tips, all delivered in a simple and straightforward way.

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