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Fergus will be back on BBC on Wednesday this week on the John Beattie Show on BBC Radio Scotland just after the 1pm News with some great tips to help organise your money and understand your consumer rights. Catch up on previous shows here

Moneysucks for musicians

Have a look at the first part of our new series on how musicians can best maximise and protect their income from their own words and music.

Insurance Stuff

Off to College or University? Ensure you’re insured

It’s an exciting time for tens of thousands of young Scots leaving home for the first time over the next couple of weeks to begin College and University courses. Lots of new things to consider and look forward to, and… Continue reading

Avoiding a post-holiday disaster

Without wanting to put a dampener on your holiday mood (the weather is probably doing that for you already!), but we’re told that a quarter of us come back from our summer holiday last year to find a domestic… Continue reading

Do you buy apples when you need oranges?

Every penny that is spent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis needs to be well spent these days. Making sure that we get value for money is not the same as buying the cheapest you can find, and we… Continue reading


Bank of England Governor Mark Carney hinted last week that interest rates could be on the move soon and it seems as though this announcement is already leading to some lenders increasing their rates for borrowers.

60 Second Tips

In a brand new series listen to and watch Fergus Muirhead here as he explains common money and consumer issues in less than one minute.
This series will build up over the next few months into a valuable library of money and consumer tips, all delivered in a simple and straightforward way.

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