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Fergus will be back on BBC on Wednesday next week on the John Beattie Show on BBC Radio Scotland just after the 1pm News with some great tips to help organise your money and understand your consumer rights.

Moneysucks for musicians

Have a look at the first part of our new series on how musicians can best maximise and protect their income from their own words and music.

Moneysucks? is:

Borrowing Stuff

Credit Cards – Consolidate on not?

I get lots of questions from readers asking whether they should consolidate existing debts into one new loan. It can often seem like a good idea – having one loan with one bank or other lender might be easier to… Continue reading

New Year, New Start?

Now that Christmas is over for another twelve months we all have a chance to reflect on our finances for the coming year. We all make New Year resolutions and one of the most important for many this year will… Continue reading

Should the profit we make on our homes be taxed?

More and more youngsters are really struggling to get their foot on the housing ladder, and the average age of first time buyers will soon be the same as the average age of retirees.

There is, unfortunately, no simple solution… Continue reading

They can’t help you if you won’t let them.

Q. I bought a timeshare week with my ex-wife about 12 years ago. Since we got divorced neither of us can afford the maintenance fees. I’ve told them this. I phoned again to explain the predicament and also point out… Continue reading


What do you think about the supermarket story that BBC has been running all week? Obviously the supermarkets ned to take more care with their ticketing and pricing policies but should we as consumers be more careful as well?

60 Second Tips

In a brand new series listen to and watch Fergus Muirhead here as he explains common money and consumer issues in less than one minute.
This series will build up over the next few months into a valuable library of money and consumer tips, all delivered in a simple and straightforward way.