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Fergus will be back on BBC on Wednesday this week on the John Beattie Show on BBC Radio Scotland just after the 1pm News with some great tips to help organise your money and understand your consumer rights. Catch up on previous shows here

Moneysucks for musicians

Have a look at the first part of our new series on how musicians can best maximise and protect their income from their own words and music.

Moneysucks? is:

Freedom to travel? Not always.

The Zonecard is a card that allows you to use any combination of trains, buses and subway that you need to get round the fair city of Glasgow.

I had to get a new one recently. I went to Buchanan… Continue reading

State Pension. Where do we go from here?

What’s your take on news that the State Pension could increase to 68 soon. Do you think even 68 is optimistic and that the reality is that sooner rather than later we could be looking at a State Pension age… Continue reading

Pensions and politics don’t mix.

Pensions have long been used by politicians as a way of winning votes in the run-up to an election.

This has to stop.

It’s making it really difficult for people to plan effectively for their retirement if they don’t know… Continue reading

Service with a smile?

Sometimes the levels of service you receive from the same retailer over a period of a few weeks make you wonder if they have changed their customer service policy while you were away.

I had a real problem with my… Continue reading


Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated as BBC News reported earlier this week and as we reported last week. Make sure you read both stories and do all that you can to stay safe.

60 Second Tips

In a brand new series listen to and watch Fergus Muirhead here as he explains common money and consumer issues in less than one minute.
This series will build up over the next few months into a valuable library of money and consumer tips, all delivered in a simple and straightforward way.